RechSand is an innovative enterprise specializes in products made of desert aeolian sand. Based on the size and shape of the silica grain, we apply patented methodologies to change the surface characters of the sand into traits that are designed for different products. With over 20 years of experiences, our products are not only unique but successful in multiple industries. We developed several websites just to serve different groups of clients better. Please click NAVIAGE menu to learn the differences.

fysand.com (foundry sand) alias coatedSand.com (resin coated sand).
The products are being marketed in China for many years. It has evolved into several types and provides 90+% of the high end precision casting market. We are shipping stably around 230,000 tons per year in China alone. Just to name a couple, GM and Toyota.

We can also assist in recycling your used sand from us. Contact us if you are in the supply chain of the industry or interested in doing business with us directly.